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Awareness about health and the importance of preventive aspect has definitely gained attention in the educated strata today.

Ayurveda adds further value which is of exceptional importance i.e. special care of a woman in both preventive as well as curative aspects. Special care is needed as a woman has been granted special system in her body.

The gynaecological system in a woman’s body leads her through various physiological phases in her life from menarche to menopause which though natural; demand special care.



Reinforcing ‘her’ flair with the aid of Ayurved!
Re-establishing ‘HER’ strength by adding new dimensions to ‘HER’ well-being; in turn re-establishing ‘HER’ family and also the society!

To create awareness regarding the importance of self care and help experience the true feeling of well-being. To motivate and guide ‘HER’ with simple measures to tread elegantly through all physiological phases of life!
To be with her in achieving her motives –Feel good! Stay happy !! Spread happiness!!!



Motherhood is an alluring phase which commences from the level of conception. Care is such an inherent aspect of a mother that it won’t be wrong to term mother and care as synonyms…


Pregnancy loss is a very upsetting scenario, which is disturbing for both partners. At Dyumna Women’s Clinic, we have established treatment protocol to avoid pregnancy loss based on our experience of over 20 years….


You can and should stay fit and fine through all days of the month, irrespective of the premenstrual phase which apparently is just a phase…


Best progeny that is Supraja is the dream of every parent. Application of Ayurvedic Priniciples aids to seek fulfillment of this dream with proper care and discipline …


Post Natal Care i.e. care of a woman after delivery is of utmost importance. The body of a woman is subjected to severe stress during child birth (natural labour / caesarian section)….


Yes, leucorrhea can be a challenge for many, but rest assured; it is a challenge with strong solutions. Our solutions help to enhance and rejuvenate the health of your reproductive system…



Here are few questions you might feel interesting to ponder upon.
‘How are you doing?’ The precise question is, ‘How are you doing physically and MENTALLY?’ ‘Are you feeling relaxed, at physical as well as mental levels?’ If yes, you have already mastered the art!
If not, can you take out time to think consciously as to since how long it could have been that you are actually not in the true sense relaxed, or at peace we could say?
May be its high time to make a priority list where you put yourself on the top! It’s definitely worth trying!
Put yourself on the top of your priority list and experience the positive difference that it makes to yourself and your loved ones!


Case of Infertility

Mrs. V. D., age 30 years approached Dyumna Women’s Clinic in 2014. She had a history of ‘Preterm premature rupture of membranes’(PPROM). This is a pregnancy complication wherein the sac (amniotic membrane) surrounding the baby ruptures before 37 th week of pregnancy.Mrs. V.D. had suffered unfortunate pregnancy losses 3 times during the past three years between 12th and 19th week of her pregnancy. She was facing difficulty to conceive as well when she approached Dyumna Women’s Clinic.She was upset at not being able to conceive and at the same time more anxious about the circumstances after she would get pregnant. Her test reports before starting treatment at Dyumna Women’s Clinic indicated –

Case of Fallopian Tube Blockage

Mrs. S.R., age 28 years came to Dyumna Women’s Clinic in July 2017. She had a recent history of ectopic pregnancy. Her right fallopian tube had been surgically removed as a consequence of her ectopic pregnancy. Her Hysterosalpingography (HSG) report before starting the treatment at Dyumna Women’s Clinic revealed blockage in her left fallopian tube which was the only one she was left with. So basically any of her fallopian tube was not functioning at that time.

Case of PCOS

Miss. P. M. Age – 25 years. Patient initially visited Dyumna Women’s Clinic in June 2017. She had irregular periods since 6 months. Her menstrual cycle was of 60 days with 3 days of scanty bleeding.She also complained of clots and dysmenorrhoea during her periods. She was advised for a baseline ultrasonography study. The study revealed polycystic changes in her ovaries. The ovarian volume was 13 cc and 10 cc respectively for the right and left ovaries.

Case of endometrial hyperplasia

Mrs. S.A., age 43 years, initially visited Dyumna Women’s Clinic in August 2018. She had irregular menses since 6 months with prolonged heavy bleeding and clots during her periods. She was also very much concerned because of her mood swings and mental irritation that aggravated about 8-10 days before her menstrual cycle. Her baseline ultrasonography done during secretory phase revealed endometrial hyperplasia with endometrial thickness of 24.3 mm.

Case of dysmenorrhoea and menorrhagia with multiple fibroids

Mrs. G. S. K., age 42 years, approached Dyumna Women’s Clinic in May 2017. She had dysmenorrhoea and menorrhagia since 4-5 years.Her ultrasonography revealed bulky uterus with multiple fibroids. Endometrial thickness was 16 mm in secretary phase suggestive of endometrial hyperplasia.She also complained of severe vaginal itching and profuse vaginal discharge.