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Dyumna Women’s Clinic

Dyumna WOMEN’S Clinic

‘Dyumna Women's Clinic’ is one-of-its-kind clinic dedicated to the treatment of women’s care across the globe. The clinic offers holistic treatment backed up by stringent scientific data and rationale for gynaecological problems. The therapy is a combination of medicines and specialised Panchakarma treatments related to gynaecology. The therapy also includes a guided personalized diet regimen. All along the treatment duration, the patient is monitored with the best in class diagnostic tools for evaluating the progression of disease and to fine tune further treatment strategies. The clinic has a rich history of 20+ years for treating various chronic illnesses in all healthcare segments with patients spread across the globe. After a successful stint in treatment of women’s disease, an overwhelming number of cases prompted the need to create a separate, dedicated and focused clinic for women’s care. This speciality clinic offers various treatment options for infertility, menstrual disorders, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Menopausal issues, Antenatal care, chronic and acute cervical and vaginal infections and more. Supraja plan for good progeny is a distinctive feature of ‘Dyumna Women's Clinic’. Medicines used in ‘Dyumna Women's Clinic’, are from our own manufacturing unit AyurvedRasayani which is a GMP Certified Schedule T compliant Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical company located in Pune, India. The company has a full fledged R&D department which is continuously working to develop highly efficacious and safe medicines for treating various ailments including critical illnesses.


Dyumna indicates an inspired woman who herself is a source of inspiration for others. She is a majestic woman full of enthusiasm and vigour. Our aim at ' Dyumna Women's Clinic' is exactly in tune with this. We intent to cater care for women so as to achieve optimum levels of health at physical and mental levels considering the preventive as well as curative aspects. A woman; as we know is naturally gifted with multifaceted talent. By achieving best health benefits for a woman, we endeavour to befit her as ' Dyumna'!