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Panchakarm Facilities

Panchakarm facilities at Dyumna Women’s Clinic.

Ayurved preaches ‘Health’ to be the ultimate goal of life in order to achieve any other goal. Ayurved hence emphasizes on the preventive as well as curative aspect related to health.

Panchakarm is an extremely efficacious set of techniques of Ayurved implied for both these purposes.

Processes involved in Panchakarm aid to cleanse as well as rejuvenate at the level of body, mind and consciousness.

In today’s erratic buzz excuses somehow find their way on the top when it comes to following a healthy life style. In the long run this does take a toll at physical as well as mental level causing accumulation of toxins, leading to deterioration in normal functioning. The daily stress dose aggravates the situation. This ultimately weakens the immunity and creates a welcoming platform for degenerative changes as well as any kind of ailments to occur.

Panchakarm aids in an inordinate manner to reverse these negative effects by deep cleansing and causing invigorating effects at cellular levels, thus leading to rejuvenation of body and mind.

  1. Patient is evaluated on the basis of clinical examination, case history related to body metabolism, previous disease history, current test reports. Panchakarm procedures are then suggested if and as needed.
  2. Thus the Panchakarm procedures suggested and performed at Dyumna Women’s Clinic are result oriented and of high quality standards.
  3. Before starting schedule of Panchakarm we provide guidance for personalised lifestyle and diet recommendations.
  4. Panchakarm procedures are performed by trained female and male therapists.
  5. Female specific procedures such as Yoni- Dhavan, Yoni Pichu and Uttar Basti are performed by our skilled doctors.
  6. Patient is regularly monitored by our Panchakarm consultant during schedule.
  7. Detail information about post Panchakarm healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle practices is also provided in the course of treatment.
  1. Abhyang
  2. Swedan
  3. Virechan
  4. Basti
  5. Nasya
  6. Shirodhara

Abhyang is massage with medicated oils. This procedure can be scheduled for two purposes- either as a separate procedure in itself or as a prerequisite for some of the other Panchakarm procedures.

Abhyang can be used as a specific technique for many preventive as well as curative aspects addressing the whole body or on localised body parts. It aids in numerous ways such as alleviating fatigue, inducing sound sleep, controlling the degenerative effects and causing rejuvenation.

Appropriate penetration of oil helps to stimulate blood circulation as well enhances lymphatic drainage. This in turn aids to improve metabolism at cellular level.

Fomentation by various methods is Swedan.

This procedure can be scheduled separately for various indications as well as prerequisite for other Panchakarm procedures. Fomentation via medicated decoctions is commonly performed when applied as a prerequisite for other Panchakarm processes. Abhyang followed by Swedan improves the efficacy of the main Panchakarm procedures by stimulating detoxification at deeper levels.

Virechan involves detoxification of body via purgation. To enhance this action, Abhyang and Swedan are scheduled about 4-7 days before Virechan.

Oral consumption of medicines, preferably medicated ghee is scheduled as well along with Abhyang and Swedan to aid the actual process of Virechan.

Virechan is induced via action of natural purgatives when the pre-procedure techniques are completed and the correct stage for Virechan is achieved.

Detailed instructions regarding diet and other lifestyle protocols are provided to be followed in the week after Virechan is performed.

Apart from many important metabolic effects Virechan enhances the functionality of male and female reproductive systems to a great extent. This in turn helps to achieve significant improvement at different aspects like ovulation, correcting the menstrual pattern, improving sperm count, motility and morphology.

Basti has its own significant importance amongst all the Panchakarm processes so much so that it in itself is considered to impart half the benefits of the complete treatment plan.

Basti involves instillation of medicines via anal route under hygienic conditions. It requires pre procedure treatments like Abhyang and Swedan to improve its efficacy. Medicines instilled in Basti procedure generally include medicated oils and herbal decoctions.

As previously stated, Basti is a very important technique and yields benefits at a very wide range involving rejuvenation at cellular level.

Basti significantly boosts the health and vitality of reproductive systems in both males as well as females.

Nasya involves instillation of medicines through nose. Preferably medicated drops of oil or ghee are instilled through nostrils.

Nasya helps to achieve correction in various disorders like chronic rhinitis, hair loss, early greying of hair, sleep disorders and more. Nasya also aids in certain neurological disorders and also to achieve balance at hormonal level.

Shirodhara is a classical and well established technique of Ayurved. It involves gentle and steady dripping of medicated oil or other liquids over the forehead. This procedure induces relaxation and calmness at the mental level to a great extent. Shirodhara is a highly effectual tool to deal with stress and alleviate anxiety. It also aids in inducing good quality of sleep, resolves issues related to hair such as hair loss, early greying of hair. Shirodhara helps to boost memory as well.

Most important of all, Shirodhara helps a person to be mindful.

Specialised procedures for women

Yoni dhawan is a special treatment wherein vaginal canal is rinsed with medicated decoction under hygienic conditions.

Personalised medicated decoctions are selected based on assessment by a physician.

Yoni dhawan is an exceptionally unique solution for gynaecological issues like vaginitis, cervicitis and other infections of female reproductive system.

It further establishes healthy and hygienic conditions of the vagina & cervix, in turn acting as a very important method to avoid chronic gynaecological infections. It’s very important role in boosting fertility is through enhancing the activities of sperm in the genital path.

It is a special treatment modality where sterile medicated tampon soaked in medicated oil or ghee is placed in the vagina for specific period of time.

Depending on the condition of the patient medicated oil or ghee are selected based on the assessment by a qualified physician.

Yoni Pichu is efficaciously used in various conditions such as –

  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Dyspareunia (painful coitus).
  • Maintaining healthy pH of the vagina and cervix.
  • Maintaining favourable conditions for sperm.
  • Menopausal issues
  • During ANC in the last trimester.
  • Uterine prolapse.
  • Bladder prolapse.
  • Rectal prolapse.

Uttarbasti is a highly specialised procedure wherein medicated oil or ghee or decoction are administered in the uterus through cervix under aseptic conditions.

It is carried out for three consecutive days after menses or as required.

This procedure has shown high efficacy in different aspects such as-

  • Correcting ovulation cycle.
  • Maintaining optimal endometrial thickness.
  • Removing fallopian tube blockages.
  • Creating favourable conditions to enhance sperm activities.
  • Help proper implantation of the embryo.