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Antenatal Care & Garbhsanskar

‘Good news’ has been a very common phrase for announcing the arrival of a new member in the family that is to say someone is pregnant. This phase is something to cherish for a lifetime. It is a phase to enjoy, create memories, get pampered and most important of all, to take care.

At Dyumna Women’s clinic, we enjoy being with you in this phase through antenatal care. Ayurved has described protocols to be followed during pregnancy. Rationale behind these protocols is optimum development of the baby at physical, mental and intellectual levels. Nurturing mother’s health, preparing for labour and lactation are equally important aspects of the same.

Personalised medicines are prescribed as per the stages of embryological development of your baby.

What to eat? Which food should be avoided? When should I eat? How much should I eat? You may be having these and may be more questions regarding your diet during pregnancy. Rest assured. We provide you detail charts and recipes regarding all your questions. These are based on the guidelines of Ayurved for ante natal care.

This diet plan takes into account not only the nutritional aspect of your food, but also digestive aspect. This is extremely important as actual digestion, absorption and assimilation of your food is going to lead to the desired results and not only the nutritive value. This is because only after proper digestion and assimilation do the nutrients reach your baby through placenta.

Other than diet you also need to be aware regarding some do’s and don’ts to be followed in your pregnancy. We provide information regarding the same.

It is absolutely necessary to keep a close watch on the development of your baby and your health throughout the gestational period. This is done via scheduling regular visits at the clinic and screening of timely investigations advised in antenatal period.

Investigations are necessary not only to check the development of your baby, but also to be able to detect changes related to any possible complications during pregnancy. According to our experience, prevention of complications like gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR), pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), oligohydramnios (low level of amniotic fluid), polyhydramnios (high level of amniotic fluid) is very well achieved with proper antenatal care. Punctual investigations help in early detection and hence management of any complications related to pregnancy.

Different measures taken in our antenatal care also help to ease out some discomforts that may develop during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, constipation, feeling low, backaches etc. This in turn helps you to enjoy this beautiful phase of life and experience the bonding between you and your little one in this journey.

We suggest specialised treatment protocols like Yoni Pichu’ and Basti during the last trimester of your pregnancy. These help you to get relief from symptoms like backache and constipation which may be present as a result of the nearing full term growth of your baby. These treatments also help to prepare your body in view of the much awaited arrival of your baby irrespective of the mode of delivery.

Pregnancy is a blessed phase endowing you with a bundle of joy to cherish.

“Take care to take care!”