Cancer, as we are much aware of, has invaded the lives of millions over past few decades and is definitely still rising. A wave to fight this dreadful disease has certainly risen across the globe.

Many advances have been and are being made in the medical world related to cancer. Newer approaches towards diagnosis & treatment do form a strong front in the battle against cancer. That can help to various extents depending on many factors such as the type of cancer, age of patient, stage of cancer, immunity of the patient and others.

One more powerful tool that needs to be employed dynamically in this war is the tool of ‘Prevention’!

Is it even possible? How do we move ahead with it?
Prevention of cancer needs to be planned on two fronts- Primary prevention, that is precautions to be taken to avoid cancer in the first place & Secondary prevention which is preventing the cancer to recurr when the patient is in the disease free survival state after treatment.

Prevention of any disease depends a lot on its causes. It also depends hugely on the immunity of the person. When it comes to cancers specifically related to the female body, as is the situation with many other types of cancers, definite causes are yet to be understood by the modern scientists. Many risk factors are said to be increasing the chances of various types of cancers. Having these risk factors does not necessarily mean a person can definitely develop cancer in his /her life time. On the other hand, it is also observed that patients dealing with cancer do not necessarily have any of the risk factors.

Genetic mutation is a basic cause in all cancer types. This happens when there is a change or damage to one or more genes. A gene is a code or a set of instructions which tells a cell how to act. Normally the life cycle of a cell is fixed. Cells grow, multiply and die within a stipulated time period. Some times with mutations in certain genes this life cycle of a cell gets disrupted. They grow & multiply – but do not die. They multiply at a rapid rate and become cancerous.

What causes the mutation of genes in the first place? As previously mentioned, definite reasons are unknown to the modern researchers. Does this mean we are clueless? Certainly not.

According to the theory of epigenetics which is subsequent to the former theory of genetics, cell biologists firmly believe that it is not only the genes that are responsible for the behaviour of a cell, but the environment of a cell decides as to how a cell will be responding to its genetic code as well! This is huge!

  • So basically maintaining a correct environment in our body system becomes very essential as a major step in prevention of any cancer.
  • Building up and maintaining a strong immunity is also extremely important.
  • Studies carried out in cancer patients have shown that the efficacy of treatment protocols increases to a great extent with improving the mental status of the patients by different means. Mind & body go hand in hand. Improving the balance of mind can also form a great base towards prevention of cancer.

So how do we work on these three aspects to strive for prevention of cancer? All these aspects are very well assimilated in the basic principles of Ayurved.

The practical approach of the same in prevention of female specific cancers can be mentioned in the form of a protocol. We, at Dyumna Women’s clinic, take care to form a personalised protocol for you by taking into consideration your metabolism, family history, life style, medical history and other factors. A generalised summary of such kind of protocol can be given as-

  1. Medicines in the form of Rasayanas – Rasayanas are highly potent herbomineral preparations that act on minute cellular levels to maintain and enhance the metabolism at physical as well as mental levels.
  2. Certain infections like Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), sexually transmitted diseases, local inflammations, changes in the linings of cervix, inner layer of uterus under the effect of hormonal imbalance in conditions such as PCOS, menopause, anovulatory cycles are few risk factors for some female specific cancers like cervical cancer or endometrial cancer. Specialised procedures like Yoni Dhavan, Yoni Pichu, Uttar Basti are very effective in maintaining & establishing healthy conditions in the female reproductive system. These procedures also help to prevent or correct inflammatory changes occurring in female reproductive organs, thus reducing an important risk factor.
  3. Healthy life style management with detailings related to your food habits, digestive metabolism, sleep pattern, working hours and more.
  4. Regular exercise is certainly a key to a good quality of life. Especially Yogasanas have a proven effect in maintaining & improving the metabolism at physical as well as mental levels.
  5. Pranayam & meditation can be termed as a boon to mankind, especially with all the stress levels that keep on rising at different levels.

Our protocol aims at establishing a balanced environment inside your body for the normal functioning of your cells. It focuses on steadily improving your immunity. Balance at mental level is so very important when it comes to balance of overall health and especially considering the load that we carry on our minds these days. To establish the same is our principal focus as well.

Let us join hands in this fight against cancer. You are the strength of your family & your loved ones. You are the strength of society. Do take care of yourself in the first place! Let us be proactive to take strong and firm steps towards a healthy & positive life!