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Post Natal Care ( After Child Birth )

The wonderful news of pregnancy brings in joy, love and a lot of pampering. You are tended with good care by your loved ones and also by yourself. This aids in taking proper care of you and your baby. This perspective changes after the arrival of your little one. Now both of you need to be addressed separately in view of care. While your near ones may still keep the same focus on you as well, there are great chances that your outlook may change when it comes to taking care of yourself. This is but a natural tendency as your focus has now totally shifted towards your new bundle of joy. Understanding its needs and adjusting to the new routine itself may come as a big challenge. Though challenging, things do get better with passing days and just a cute smile from your baby brings in loads of joy in your life.

With all the happenings in your new routine it is so so very important that you give proper importance to your health. Taking care of yourself does not and should not end with the birth of your little one.

Ayurved has laid extreme importance on the post-natal care. During pregnancy your metabolism goes through great deal of changes at physical as well as mental levels.

The actual process of delivery irrespective of its mode being natural delivery (vaginal labour) or through caesarean section causes a lot of stress on your body. Overall your body and mind go through a lot of exhaustion during pregnancy and delivery. Hence proper care after delivery is a must to regain your healthy state of body and mind through the measures of postnatal care. This is also very important to prevent any disorders arising as a sequel of pregnancy and /or delivery in the near or far future.

Some commonly observed complaints post-delivery include:

Severe headaches, constipation, hair fall, cracked nipples, clogged breasts,
depression, backaches.

These can be properly taken care of through postnatal care.

Complications such as postpartum haemorrhage, thrombosis can be serious conditions which need immediate care in hospitals.

Post-natal care at Dyumna women’s clinic aims in attaining normalcy at physical and mental levels by regaining the strength at cellular levels. This helps to gain overall strength and immunity. It also helps the organs of the reproductive system to gradually achieve proper tone and functioning.

Our postnatal plan comprises of medicines which are highly potent herbomineral preparations and detail instructions regarding the care that needs to be taken in everyday life so as to regain health as well as avoid complications.

Certain disorders that may occur during pregnancy such as thyroid dysfunction, gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), raised blood pressure need to be carefully monitored post-delivery as well. We address the same with regular check-ups and investigations.

Our experience says proper postnatal care is utmost necessary and well capable of taking care of your health in the short term as well as long term.

Certain health issues such as chronic backaches and joint disorders have been observed to develop due to lack of proper postnatal care.

Nurturing your little one is definitely important. Self-care and fitness is even more important when it comes to address the same.