Good progeny – can it be planned?

‘For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you!’

This, for sure is the feeling of any parents towards their child. The feeling of warmth or care initiates even before the birth of the beloved or even before conception, should it be put more precisely. The awareness of preconception care and counselling has been greatly increasing over a few years.

Ayurved has well emphasised on this concept a few thousand years ago. At Dyumna women’s clinic we implement these measures to help you plan your precious little angel to be welcomed in your life.

The wonderful journey of life begins when the ovum (female egg) and the sperm (male egg) conjoin in your womb, precisely the fallopian tube. So very basic prerequisites for good progeny is a heathy ovum and a healthy sperm. These in turn are produced in the respective reproductive organs of both partners.  Reproductive organs are part of the reproductive systems and the reproductive systems are a part of the complex biological system of human body. It becomes clear that enhancing the metabolism of both partners is the basic step towards planning a good progeny.

Our plan for you in this journey comprises of various aspects.

  1. Detoxification strategy: Implementation of some detoxification processes like basti  and virechan lay a strong foundation for boosting your metabolism through cleansing effect.
  2. Medicines and Rasayanas :These are prescribed to uplift your metabolism and particularly bring the sperm and ovum to their best qualities.
  3. Lifestyle changes: We help you take a step forward to improve your metabolism and quality of life by addressing some changes in your diet. Regular exercise is a great tool for good health. Sound and regular sleep is a mandatory factor as well.
  4. Deal with the stress: Happy mind and healthy body go hand in hand. Happy mind is also a healthy mind. Day to day life today is filled with number of stress factors. Key to it is to deal with it and to deal with it there sure are some measures available. Research has shown great effects of pranayam  and meditation to improve the strength and focus at mental level. We guide you to incorporate these measures in your everyday life.

Our approach in the planning for good progeny has an additional benefit which is exceedingly valuable. The very basic sign of pregnancy is ‘missed periods.’ When this indication is considered, the actual journey of your little one has already begun two weeks earlier in your womb. Generally, the proper steps towards confirmation of pregnancy and further care begins about 1-2 weeks after you have missed your periods. In totality two weeks before you have missed your periods and about two weeks after it- approximately one month of initial journey of your precious one passes by without specific care for the same. The fact is first few weeks of gestation are most important considering the development of your baby. With implementation of the plan for ‘Supraja’ (good progeny) proper care is already taken anticipating the chances of conception. Even if conception occurs a few months after the completion of ‘Supraja’ plan which is for three months, your metabolism is already enhanced in view of conception and stays enhanced with continuation of the measures advised related to your lifestyle.

Implementation of this plan not only helps to take satisfactory measures in planning for your precious little one, but continuation of the lifestyle changes also helps you to maintain a good quality of life in the perspective of health which in the very true sense -IS WEALTH!