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Pharmaceuticals & Research

Pharmaceuticals & Research

Women are subjected to various changes related to the different physiological phases in their life. Need for care changes accordingly. For instance, during pregnancy or during post natal period when her health is fragile and she is lactating, the choice of medicine changes. The baby’s health also needs to be considered in this phase of lactation. All these aspects are considered in our pharmacy.

A separate manufacturing facility has been developed for the preparation of genuine medicines on the outskirts of Pune city. It is a GMP certified facility with schedule T license for manufacturing of drugs. All the processing from raw materials to final products is carried out under one roof and our medicines undergo stringent quality assurance tests.

We have a separate set up for research and development where we continuously work on developing new formulations of drugs. Our drugs undergo in vitro and in vivo experiments for documenting their safety and efficacy. We strongly believe in generation and maintenance of scientific data of our work and are committed to do so.

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