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Prioritize Yourself

Mindfulness in simple words is to be aware of the present moment, to focus on the current moment. This is a great way to achieve mental peace, to be calm.

Most of the times it so happens that you are doing a particular task like may be reading, cooking, doing the laundry or even when in a meeting, you are physically present there performing that particular task. But it is quite likely than mentally you are not completely present there. It is very much possible that though you are physically doing only one task at a time, your mind is performing several more at the same time. Like for instance, you might be physically cooking in the kitchen, but your mind may be wandering through any other chore like gardening, your office files, your kids’ school, your friends, just anything.

What happens is, though you are physically present only at a single place, your mind is not completely aware about that particular moment as it is not completely focusing only in that particular moment. This creates unnecessary stress, at times, considerable amount of stress. This in turn leads to restlessness and lack of peace.

Being mindful, being completely aware of the present moment, completely focusing on the present moment calms your mind to a great extent. Mindfulness is being adopted on different levels across the globe such as business, medicine, education and research.

Learning and practicing meditation is the way forward towards mindfulness. It certainly is achievable. Strong will and consistent steps do help to train our mind to be mindful.

You certainly have a strong mind. Help yourself by guiding it towards mindfulness. Feel the calmness.

You deserve it!

“Dear strong woman,
Please do remember.
Though undoubtedly strong,
You are HUMAN!”

Be it an exemplary homemaker or an efficient working woman, you always have the cape of a super-woman on. You are performing on so many fronts that you HAVE to have that cape on. Agreed. Can we think about the same on a different line though?

It’s true you are shouldering a wide range of responsibilities quite effectively. The point is, is it absolutely necessary to be perfect in all the tasks that you perform all most 365 days a year?

May be its time to actually think about it. May be it has already taken a toll on you physically and/or mentally in a way that has probably deliberately slipped through your otherwise so alert conscious. Again that can be the case because you are inadvertently thinking that you MUST be perfect in doing whatever you do.

But my dear, you are only a human and it is absolutely alright if you are not perfect in all your duties. Does it mean you should neglect your responsibilities? Certainly not. But can we prioritize them for the sake of practicality? By doing so you understand the expanse of what you are doing and chalk out the schedule according to importance, time and most importantly, YOURSELF! In this way you are also aware that you are not neglecting anything, just sorting things out for the sake of convenience which you so very well deserve.

You certainly are resolute and proficient. You are also human. It is alright to take the ‘Super- Woman’ cape off and make a priority list. Most important, please do not forget to put yourself on the top of the priority list!

Being a modern woman of the 20th century you certainly are aware of the importance of health.

Being aware is different from implementation. Even before implementation, one should be actually aware of the different facets of health. Having satisfactory figures on the weighing scale or having a slim waist line cannot be a sign of good health.

Good health is not only physical, but it is also to understand how we feel and to feel good. For a female, health is also related to the special organs and system that nature has endowed you with.

Do you really go to that extent to take care of yourself? Please do. Believe it or not, it is not that difficult. Rather its very simple. The only need is to take yourself seriously. Maintaining a good quality of life is the best gift that anyone can gift oneself with.

Making simple changes in your life style and being consistent with them can make a huge difference in the way you feel- physically as well as mentally. Making the difference and attaining actual good health makes one understand the actual difference between before & after.

Let’s take a step forward to make that difference, to gift ourselves with a blissful life!

Let’s come together to take the oath for good health!