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Why Women’s Health?

Why Women’s Health?

Awareness about health and the importance of preventive aspect has definitely gained attention in the educated strata today.
Ayurved adds further value which is of exceptional importance i.e. special care of a woman in both preventive as well as curative aspects. Special care is needed as a woman has been granted special system in her body.
The gynaecological system in a woman’s body leads her through various physiological phases in her life from menarche to menopause. which though natural; demand special care.

This care is necessary as her body and mind undergo stress at different levels during each of this phase may it be a regular menstrual cycle, pregnancy, child birth, post natal period or menopause.

For instance vigorous physical activities performed during menstrual cycles for over a period of time can lead to abnormalities like menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding), dysmenorrhea (pain and discomfort related to the menstrual cycle).

A woman’s body undergoes extreme degenerative changes at the time of child birth, may it be a normal delivery or a caesarean section. Ayurved has advised special care in the post natal period. This leads to complete restoration of health and vitality in woman at deep cellular levels. On the contrary it is routinely observed in clinical practice that conditions like severe rheumatism, chronic backache, mental irritation are developed in women who neglect proper care during the post natal phase.
Pregnancy is again a special phase in a woman’s life in which she undergoes manifold changes at the physical as well as mental level. Antenatal care plan at ‘Dyumna Women’s Clinic’ is based on the advises in Ayurved which interestingly are similar to the inferences derived from the research conducted under the modern studies of epigenetics. This care aids in achieving best health of the mother as well as the baby with optimum physical, mental and intellectual qualities.

Discharges or secretions through the Vaginal passage can be physiological or pathological. Chronic infections and inflammations at vaginal or cervical region can later on develop into serious ailments like cancer.

These are some of the examples of the symptoms or disorders related to the gynaecological system which can be well taken care of with the help of Ayurved at preventive as well as curative levels.

At ‘Dyumna Women’s Clinic’ we have special care plans considering the various gynaecological phases. They consist of combinations of internal medicines, life style advises, special treatments like ‘Yoni Dhavan’ (Medicated vaginal douche), ‘Pichu’ (Medicated sterile Tampons) and more.

Personalised plans are made for each patient which have proven to be of extreme benefit to the patients in treating variety of conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, infertility, menstrual disorders, menopausal issues, chronic vaginal and cervical infections and many more.

Along with the clinical check-ups, we have a stringent system for data management of our patients. This is done with the help of various investigations like ultrasonography, histopathological examinations like pap smear, blood reports, mammography, ovulation study, semen analysis (male infertility) etc. as per the need.

We firmly believe that such special care of a woman not only covers the preventive and curative aspects but also helps her to be at the best energy levels at both physical and mental levels to keep her charmingly fit.